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6dollaressay home page review

For a company that’s based in the US and provides US papers, this service has an incredible amount of mistakes in the content they wrote for their website! The name might be one of the most inviting paper company names out there, but when you open their website, you immediately lose the idea that this service works with native US writers.

Why? Because even the main statement of the company is barely comprehensive and clearly not well-thought of, which leaves us to wonder – what native writer has created this for the homepage: ‘’Cheap essay writing services US custom essay services at your doorstep’’? Regardless, we gave the company a clean slate to prove to us that they are, as they say: ‘’industry top leading essay services in US.’’ Of course, even this statement has its mistakes in it, but we decided to look past it. Let’s see what else we’ve learned.

Services Offered

Unlike the site’s information that’s unclear, visitors can clearly see the services offered if they open the order form and use the drop-down menu. In this menu, you’ll be finding a satisfactory list of papers and services that include writing, editing, and proofreading.

At this point, 6dollaressay.com impressed us with the list of papers and disappointed us with the poor language skills of their writers when they created the website. What’s left to discover is whether the rates are as low as the name suggests and how good are their papers and support service. Keep reading to learn more.

Prices And Discounts

Yes, despite our disbelief that a company can be this cheap, this one actually did it. The service hands out essays for as little as $6 per page, which is without any doubt the lowest offer we’ve encountered in our research. This offer applies to the standard quality option and deadline of just 10 days. But, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the prices aren’t cheap, too. Believe it or not, you can get dissertation writing service at $14.99 for a page, which is once again, the lowest rate we’ve seen.

These types of rates probably make students excited about ordering, but they make us feel very doubtful about the company. In fact, we often feel doubtful about services that offer rates around $10 for a page, and this rate is almost half the lowest we’ve evaluated. With such rates, it is no longer a mystery why the service has hired writers with such poor language skills to write the site’s content.

The strangest part is – they have discounts in addition to these rates. To make things even more unbelievable, the first time discount is said to go up to 25%. This is the largest discount added to the lowest rate on the market.

Papers Quality

Our fears about the quality of papers and service were based on the poor site content and the rates, and we weren’t wrong to have them. The paper quality here is as low as the rates – the lowest we’ve seen on the market. The essay we received had so many mistakes in it, we could hardly understand what the writer wanted to say. He missed every single requirement, including the word count, even though we paid for a specific number of pages.

Customer Service And Support

Because of the ridiculous paper quality, we tried to contact the support service to see what happens. Apparently, the support service isn’t always available and in our case, it was never available. You can use a form to reach them, but there’s no guarantee they’ll reply. We got a confirmation for the order and order delivery, but when we contacted them discussing the paper’s terrible quality, no one even bothered to reply.


6dollaressay.com has gone to the extreme with the rates and the discounts, but also with the quality. They might have a great service list and the most attractive pricing offers you’ll ever find, but they also have the worst quality we’ve ever seen in terms of academic writing. On top of it all, the support service is very unprofessional and basically non-existent, especially if you decide to submit a claim for a badly written paper.

Overall Rating: 2.3 / 5 stars
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