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The average quality score of Bid4papers is 9.57 out of 10. Or at least, that’s what they say. Judged by what we read about them, outside of the website, we’d say that the score is lower. But, you can’t be sure until you try. That’s why we checked everything starting with the website and ending with the support. In the meantime, we also ordered from them. The results were nothing like you’d expect when you see that rating, so you should definitely read our review.

Services Provided

Bidding companies are different than the regular ones. They let you choose a writer. They let you choose a price. And they don’t put a limit to what you can order. But, when you don’t have a list of what you can order, you never know if someone will be able to write it.

Usually, students look for a company that has everything they’ll need. This one lets you try to order what you need, but doesn’t guarantee that the writers who are available will know how to do it or be willing to bid on it.

So, with the freedom to choose your price and writer comes the uncertainty about the services offered.

Prices and Discounts

There aren’t discounts, which was clear to us as soon as we saw their system. There aren’t prices, either, not even a sample price that you can base your opinions on.

If you want to see what papers cost, you have to provide your order details. Even then you won’t know how much a paper will cost you the next time you order. But, with Bid4papers, we got so many bids, we hardly see this company being as popular as they say they are. If they have so many available writers at any point, it seems unlikely that they have so many customers.

The bids were also too low to be good. We say this because most of them were below $10 for a page even though the deadline we set was only 5 days away. You can never get this kind of a price with companies that have such high rating or at least decent writers.

Even so, the writers had these impressive qualifications, everything looked so strange and unbelievable. That’s why we decided to order.

Papers Quality

Ordering was a hassle. Their system isn’t all that bad but since we had 36 people bidding within 20 minutes since we placed the order, it took us hours to go through all the bids. Most of them were so low, it made us doubt if they’d deliver the paper at all.

But, we took the risk. They all looked amazing in their profiles, so it was hard to choose one. When we finally chose one, we waited for the essay expecting a PhD expert to have written it. The person was also supposed to be from the US and have studied there.

Instead of this, we received a paper that was written by a person with very poor writing skills. His educational level was definitely not as high as his profile said, and the worst part was that the paper wasn’t written in ‘clean’ English. It contained mistakes that clearly yelled: This person isn’t an English-speaking person!

Customer Service and Support

Once we got the paper, we promptly checked it in a plagiarism checker and even learned that it contained 45% of plagiarism. This is unacceptable and subject to an immediate refund, something that we asked for right away.

There is supposed to be a non-stop customer support on the website. It still took them over 20 minutes to respond since we spoke to a bot that sent out strange answers during that time. When we finally spoke to the agent, he did not provide a revision and was hard to understand. Apparently, most people who work here aren’t good at speaking English, not to mention writing in it.


The experience we had with Bid 4 Papers did not fit the rating they present at all. It should be much, much lower. Partly because of the very dysfunctional bidding system and partly because of the false and misleading bidders’ profiles. They might be cheap, but they are some of the worst we’ve seen.

Overall Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars
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