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boomessays home page might have good samples, but their reputation is terrible. The only place where we found good comments was on their website, which puts everything else on it in a question mark. After learning that most students don’t like boom essays and have had problems with deadlines and quality, as well as customer support, we doubted everything they said on the site. That’s why we checked every feature and wrote this review.

Services Provided

Despite the many bad things we read, there wasn’t any comment related to the services offered at Now we know why. They have a very, very big list of services. Generally speaking, all of these services can be listed in the categories they use:

  • Academic paper writing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Math/ physics/ economics/ statistics problems
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services
  • Resume and CV services
  • Multiple choice questions

Prices And Discounts seems like the perfect service with their attractive website and even more attractive rates. If we didn’t know better about companies that offer such low prices, we’d be tricked to order without thinking twice. Their essay rates begin at only $12.99 for a page, and that’s without the discounts they offer.

For the discounts, the company has a separate and very detailed page. They are extremely generous, too. The new customer discount is 15%, which makes those low rates even lower. Most of the prices go below $10 per page, especially for the lower academic levels. This is often a red flag for us because good quality always comes at a price, and this is far below the realistic threshold.

It doesn’t cease here, their discount offer. They also have discounts for you if you return for more, ranging from 5% to 15%. Once you reach any of their loyalty discounts, you can use it forever, on any order you make.

Thankfully, there are no hidden costs, so the prices you see are the prices to get. But, it seems that Boomessays does not have a legit ‘free revision’ policy as they mention since most students haven’t received this service even though their papers came late or were badly written.

Papers Quality

Speaking of bad quality, we are about to tell you about one of the worst experiences we have had. Companies that aren’t working with good writers and have prices that are too low often disappoint either with the quality or with delivery. This one disappointed us with both.

Not only did they pick someone who wasn’t good in English to write a college research paper, but he missed the deadline for 2 days! A paper that comes two days later is no use for a student that has to meet a deadline, so the company should instantly refund that student and apologize.

Let’s first discuss the quality before we move to the point where we asked for the refund we deserved. The quality was so bad, we didn’t understand half of the research paper. For a research paper that’s supposed to have sources in it, naturally, it had none. Not a single reference, not a bibliography, nothing to tell us where the writer found the information.

When we did a plagiarism check, the paper was over 70% plagiarized. So, we learned where the writer got his content since, after all, he didn’t even really bother to rewrite it.

Customer Service And Support

All that frustration made us immediately reach out to the support. First, we tried the phone listed on the website. We received no response. Then, we talked for a while with a bot on the live chat until it finally redirected us to a real person. This person asked what was wrong and once we told them about the missed deadline, he stopped answering altogether.

We never heard from the service again.

Summary is only legit in the sense that they deliver papers for money. But, they delay those papers and fail all the requirements customers make. This happens so often, we can’t possibly recommend them.

Overall Rating: 1.4 / 5 stars
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