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The website of speaks of ‘unmatched paper quality’, but the comments from people who ordered here speak differently. At this point, we are already well aware of how the marketing of these sites goes so, naturally, we are doubtful about everything.

To learn the real story about, we checked not just the reviews customers left them, but also the features and rates they offer. Finally, we ended this review research with an evaluation of their support service and the work delivered by one of their writers.

Services Offered

Before we go into what services offers, we should point out to the biggest issue we found with the site – it loads very slowly. Their services page isn’t at all filled with relevant information, so the only way you can see what they offer to their customers is if you open the price page or the order form.

You’ll probably be happy with the results you’ll find from this search. does all kinds of writing, including various essay and research papers, dissertations, and some less frequently ordered assignments like speeches and presentations.

Prices And Discounts

The price page isn’t really a pricing list or anything that will give you a clear picture of what their quotes look like. It contains a simple and accurate price calculator where you can add some general paper details and see how much you’ll be asked to pay for the company’s service.

For example, when we checked how much an essay for college would cost if ordered within one week, we got ourselves a quote of $15 for a page. Their rates are very acceptable. In fact, some would say that these fall somewhere in the cheap category, which is great.

The site makes a mention of only one discount – the one for newcomers. This discount is very low. Five percent off is the lowest offer we have seen at this point, but with those rates, we didn’t really expect anything more.

However, what we did expect was a program for the loyal customers. From the looks of the site and their information, no matter how much you order here, the rates are same for everyone.

Papers Quality

Since the rates aren’t too high or too low, we expected at least an average quality. But, those testimonials turned out to be telling the truth – the quality here isn’t good at all. Our experience ended in a paper that was revised twice but had no improvements whatsoever. It seemed as if their writer wasn’t as competent as the website says and unfortunately, they didn’t agree to get another editor to check the mistakes this writer made.

In fact, those mistakes were so strange, it was more than obvious that this writer was neither qualified to write for a Master’s level, nor one with fluent English writing skills. Both these are very big issues for a writing company and despite the rates and services, there’s no excuse for delivering papers with mistakes.

Customer Service And Support

Speaking to the customer support provided us with those revisions we mentioned, but we can’t really say that they were helpful. First, we had to go through an entire ordeal to get a revision request approved, not to mention that we did this twice. Second, the writer did a terrible job and didn’t fix most of the mistakes we clearly pointed out to. Even so, the agents asked us to once again tell them what needs to be fixed before they approve a revision.

In the time we spent trying to tell their writers where they made mistakes, we could have edited the paper on our own. Not having a proper, native English editor is an enormous flaw of the company. The support agents weren’t willing to discuss a refund, even though there’s said to be a money-back guarantee on the site.


A slow website, bad writers, and fairly incompetent support agents are three of the biggest issues we found after we evaluated the company called This company has some nice things to offer, such as the rates and the service list. However, these are far from sufficient to make the service a good one.

Overall Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
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