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edubirdie review home page is a trendy site that allows its visitors to place an order for bidding. They have a lot of writers working for the service, so when a customer decided to share his order requirements with the site, he can expect to get many different bids on that particular order. For some, this ordering system is very intriguing and beneficial while, for others, it takes too much of their time and comes with bigger risks.

Still, if a service handles this system with care, there shouldn’t be any risks when you select the writer. But, Edubirdie does not have the reputation they falsely claim to have on the website, which is the key reason why we dug a little deeper to write a real review.

Services Offered

There is a given list that you can select, but this doesn’t limit your choice of a paper. The company lets writers evaluate every order and determine if their skills are sufficient to complete it. If there is a writer willing and ready to write your order, you can literally order anything from Edubirdie. Because of the flexible pricing that customers choose together with the bidders, this is made possible.

Despite the flaw in the system that doesn’t provide customers with a guarantee that they’ll get bids, Edu Birdie is known for their many writers and many bidders. We haven’t come across any comment that says that a customer hasn’t received a bid, which is good news.

Prices And Discounts

As we mentioned before, the pricing is very flexible at EduBirdie. It all depends on how writers will bid on the order you place and which bid you choose. But, unlike other companies that use this system, Edubirdie has a minimal quote of $18 for a page, which is not exactly a cheap offer, especially not without any discounts offered by the company.

The company can’t offer discounts with the bidding system, which makes their decision to set a high starting rate very strange. Bidding companies are usually cheaper than other companies because they give the students a shot at selecting what they’ll pay. However, the good news is, bidders at this service are known to choose mostly the lowest price available in order to get customers.

Papers Quality

The news about the low bids might make students happy, but it instantly made us feel doubtful. We placed our own order and waited. The bidders who chose to apply were numerous and the biggest number of them approached us with a very low quote. In those bidders, you could find some over-qualified writers and others who had quite vague and strange profiles.

But, our experience told us that the profiles aren’t to be trusted. We selected one of the writers with a low bid, but amazing qualifications. These qualifications looked too good to be true, and that was actually what happened. The content quality he provided was definitely not as we were promised. The flaws in it clearly indicated that a person who claimed to be a native speaker isn’t proficient in the English language.

Customer Service And Support

Because of the obvious flaw in checking writers’ profiles, we reached the support service to see what they have to say about the matter. There’s a very fast support service until you realize that you are speaking to a bot. After over ten minutes of conversing with an automated bot, we were finally redirected to an actual, live agent.

Honestly, we preferred talking to the bot more than we liked talking to the agent. He had very poor English skills and was very slow. When we discussed our quality issues and pointed out to the fact that their writer lies in the profile, it took the agent over fifteen minutes to give us a response.

The response was disappointing. The agent blamed us for our choice and said that he can’t offer any kind of refund. He didn’t even offer a revision.

Summary might look decent, but their system isn’t very functional. Fake writers’ profile and unreliable support service aren’t a sufficient reason for you to order from the company. Their rates might seem satisfactory since most bids are as low as they can be, but with such quality and the minimal allowed bid, you can definitely get better papers elsewhere.

Overall Rating: 2.3 / 5 stars
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