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Essay4Students claims to be the “best academic writing assistant”, providing custom essay writing services and reliable quality, but how well do those promises and pledges really measure up? To find out, we launched a thorough review of Essay4Students services. We’ll be looking at paper quality, prices, customer services, and other features in our Essay4Students to give you a full and detailed assessment of this custom essay writing company.

Services Provided

It’s quite surprising to see that Essay4Students doesn’t actually list its services anywhere on the home page. You have to actually click ‘Order Now’ and proceed to the order screen to get a proper and detailed list of the different services provided.

Once you arrive there, you’ll see a standard custom essay order form with a range of different types of papers to choose from. The list includes everything from critical thinking pieces to research papers, and customers can select from different academic levels and subjects too, but there are still some elements missing from the list of services.

The options provided by Essay4Students seem broad and varied at first glance, but as we dig deeper, the limitations start to become clearer and it’s a shame to see that some writing services and paper types are not offered by this company.

Prices And Discounts

Many students are working with low or limited budgets, so the price is a big factor to think about when ordering essay writing online. We were frustrated to see that Essay4Students isn’t particularly transparent or honest about its pricing structure on the homepage, merely showing the “starting at” prices, rather than going into any detail.

In fact, we were only able to find the actual prices by going through the order process and inputting a lot of information about our desired essay. The best essay writing companies don’t behave like this. They show all of their prices upfront to customers, letting people know openly and clearly how much they’re going to need to pay for their desired service.

In terms of the actual prices, we’ve seen much more affordable fees elsewhere and Essay4Students has some very high price tags for high-level essays with relatively short deadlines. We couldn’t find any Essay4Students discounts or deals either.

Papers Quality

The quality of the papers of any essay writing company is one of the most important things any student looks for, so how does Essay4Students stand up to our quality test? Well, we ordered a relatively simple essay on history. We asked for Harvard references and formatting and requested the PhD level to get the best possible quality of the paper.

The resulting paper was very disappointing. The references hadn’t been done correctly and the paper had a very basic tone, lacking much creative language or thorough analysis of the subject. It seemed like the writer had simply done minimal internet research and not really taken any time to learn about the topic and provide a high-quality text.

Customer Service and Support

Essay4Students boasts of a 24-hour phone number on its home page. We called it multiple times but nobody answered. This is a big flaw of the overall Essay4Students service as students often want to speak directly with their essay writers to make requests or provide additional information.

Essay4Students also has support chat windows on its website, but it took hours for anybody to respond to us using this system as well. Our overall impression of the customer service was, therefore, a very negative one.


To sum up, we cannot possibly recommend Essay4Students. In every possible area, this company seems to disappoint. It draws people in with a stylish site and promises of low prices, but the reality is very different. The prices are higher than you are initially led to believe and the quality of papers is very poor. Anyone looking for quality essays should look elsewhere.

Overall Rating: 2.1 / 5 stars
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