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The first impression you will get when visiting the essay help site isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s pretty impressive and appealing, especially on the graphics and layout. However, this is probably the least of reasons anyone would visit the site to see. As they offer essay services, you would expect them to have equally appealing and impressive options. This review is available to show you whether or not the essay help company is trustworthy. Some of the items reviewed here include their prices, customer service, and the work they deliver on papers. You can, therefore, trust this guide since we have invested a lot of time coming up with the review.

Services Provided

To our utmost disbelief, there was no distinct tab showing the comprehensive list of services offered by the writing company on their website, even after we scrolled to the bottom of the page. So, how can a client trust you if you don’t have a list of services you offer?

After a long search on the website, we also noticed that their services are limited as they don’t offer help on several technical and non-technical papers. Their focus is mainly on essays, and this is where they have vast prowess. However, not everyone needs an essay written as others have dissertations and thesis papers, which equally need a professional writing company to handle.

Prices and Discounts

Students appreciate discounts and pocket-friendly prices since they don’t have a lot to spend. As much as their prices are quite affordable and are pegged on deadlines, there are no discounts to give students the impetus to work with the company. On average, the least you would expect to spend on a paper per page is $14, which translates to an eleven-day deadline.

Besides, the website only shows the price list for writing content but doesn’t have a separate list for proofreading and editing costs. This makes it even more suspicious since you never know if there are any hidden charges. It is only fair and in order to display all the prices so that the client knows where he or she is landing, before placing an order. The only kudos from us is their free price calculator for initial orders only. So, why not have a provision for editing and proofreading charges on the same place?

Papers Quality

Above all, the quality of papers needs to be near perfect if not perfect. No student wants to pay for shoddy work that will result in bad grades. On the site’s homepage, there’s a lot of decisive say around the quality of their papers and how excellent their services are. You will notice customer testimonials and samples of well-written essays, in addition to a brief self-appraisal of their writing services.

We decided to place an order with the company to prove how real all that hype is. So, we gave them an economics essay on the effects of bad governance on the economy. Not only did they miss the deadline by two days, but also sent us a poor quality paper filled with grammatical mistakes and a flat tone.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service is one of the critical elements of any business, and any weakness in it can result in customer loss. It was surprising for us to check on the site’s homepage and miss any customer service icon; no phone number and no chatbot for clients to use. The only quickly visible customer service icon is their email which they take ages to reply to.


This review only proves that you cannot trust this writing company to do tasks for you, and we, therefore, don’t recommend it to anyone. They might have the best say about services on their site, but we proved that this is nothing but cheap talk due to their poor quality. In our opinion, the company doesn’t score enough to provide you quality services and so, it is advisable for you to pick other credible companies. As per our analysis, it only scores 2/5 stars.

Overall Rating: 2 / 5 stars
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