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Twenty years on the market is a long time, but from what we now know, is probably not there for so long. With a reputation as low as theirs, we’d give them no more than a couple of years. In fact, most of the comments that build that reputation date only a few years back.

This isn’t the only red flag we instantly noticed about If you keep reading our review, you’ll learn how they hire their writers and why their reputation has turned out badly.

Services Provided

Three categories list the different services provided by Essaypro: writing, editing, and rewriting. Unlike the remaining of our evaluation, this part turned out to be good. The list is big enough to fit all frequently ordered paper, but it also has an option for you to order a paper that isn’t there. By clicking ‘other’, you can request bids on any paper or project you have.

This company is known to hire many writers on a regular basis. Unfortunately, even though this sounded like a good thing at first since it made us believe the service is popular, it turned out that their writers don’t often stick around for long. In fact, is so unpopular on the web, we hardly see them getting many orders from students.

Prices And Discounts

The prices aren’t all that bad, which can prompt a student to place an order if he isn’t aware of the feedback about the service. After all, the feedback on the website looks amazing and they even have the small profiles for all writers that look extremely accomplished.

We can’t provide you with a price at the moment because we can’t have this information for you. It will all depend on what you order and what kinds of bids you get. The more you wait for bids, the more choices you’ll have.

What we can tell you is that most bids are very low. EssayPro has set some limits as to how low these can get, so for example, a written piece within a week will probably result in many $11 per page bids. This is their minimum quote.

In our experience, most bid with the minimal quote provided by the company. There aren’t discounts with this type of services, but those quotes are already very low. Even so, every student can agree that a loyalty program comes very handy when you have to order more than once.

Papers Quality

When a writer bids on your order on Essay Pro, you get access to their profile. We received a total of 89 bids, which means that there really are many writers who work there. The profiles we checked were all great, one better than the other. It made it really hard for us to choose, since most bids were at the lowest rate, too.

After lengthy consideration, we made our choice. But, as it turns out, Essay Pro isn’t at all strict or picky about their writers. This was obvious since, when we tried to order, we were directed to a page that offered papers, as well as job opportunities.

We used that page to apply to become a writer, just to see how strict their hiring criteria is. We created a fake profile and were accepted as writers, which makes it very obvious why the company often has bad feedback.

Our paper was written by such a writer, obviously. It contained one too many mistakes to be written by someone who’s a native. Such a bad paper couldn’t have been delivered by the writer described in the profile we chose.

Customer Service And Support

With all that information and our bad paper, we reached out to the support and started complaining. The support wasn’t a real person, but a bot and they hadn’t programmed response to our questions.

The bot redirected us to an agent, who rejected our revision request and rudely demanded that we don’t contact them again.

Summary is one of the worst services we’ve reviewed. They would hire just anyone who wants to work for them and don’t have a support that’s willing to stand up for the customers.

Overall Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars
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