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Essaysupply has a seemingly successful and admirable website. But, their reputation tells otherwise, which is why we took this matter into our own hands and did some research. The writers found in the ‘latest orders’ page always get amazing comments and ratings, but most customers seem to leave only bad feedback outside of the website. Something is clearly not right or legit on the site, which is why we proceeded to check their services, rates, papers, and support.

Services Provided

Without an about us page, we can’t know where this company is located, but judged by their two separate choices for an ‘essay’ and a ‘UK essay’, we believe it is located somewhere in the US. You might not realize this right away, but Essay Supply is a bidding company. This means that they might also be working with UK writers, ergo the option for a UK essay.

The list of services provided here is quite extensive. Even the options that aren’t there can be requested by simply clicking the option ‘other’. So, you should be free to select an essay, dissertation, a research paper, or any other assignment you need on the website. The website allows for all kinds of orders, which at this point, is a benefit. Let’s see how well they performed in our remaining evaluation points.

Prices And Discounts

Prices are literally negotiable here. You choose the price by choosing the bidder. Ergo, we can’t give you an estimate of the cost of your paper. All of it will depend on what you request, who is available and willing to bid on it, and what they think is a good price. When you gather enough bids, you can choose the one you like most.

A bidding service has no discounts. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t provide a discount without providing a fixed price. So, if you can negotiate a better quote with a writer, good for you. Otherwise, don’t expect a loyalty program or any discount on

In our experience, we received a myriad of different bids. There were some that were so low, we were even concerned about the quality that we’d get from that offer. Some were so high, no student would ever accept them. Finally, we chose one with a price that is somewhat average on this market. Read on to learn about the results of our order.

Papers Quality

As we mentioned, most students mention many bidders, but also many mistakes and bad papers. Our experience was similar. The price was average, so we should have received a good quality paper. An essay quote of $20 for a page for a college essay is quite a normal and reasonable price that should yield good results. However, in our case, the results were devastating.

If we went with one of the lower offers, something that most students would probably rush to do, we can’t imagine what could have gone worse than this. Ordering anything we wanted was good and so was the option to make our own choice of a writer, but the company obviously fails to check the writers before letting them join the team and bid on orders.

As a result, our paper quality suffered. From someone who claimed to be a native UK speaker, we received a paper that contained such a big number of errors, it was obvious that the writer was barely fluent in English. This meant that his portfolio and profile were completely fake.

Customer Service And Support

There’s a support service that’s supposed to resolve such problems, but they didn’t really help. They got us a revision, which resulted badly, and did not stand behind their money-back guarantee when we pointed out to the big issue.


Essaysupply gives a good first impression when you look at the site, but not when you receive your first order. It can be very cheap if you select a lower bid, but even our averagely priced paper was of bad quality.

Overall Rating: 2.6 / 5 stars
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