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We review professionally writing services providers, in order to help you make the right decision when you need help with your papers. is a writing service that promises to offer you top quality papers at affordable prices. They even have a free online calculator that allows you to check the price of your order. As we checked the homepage we saw there is very little valuable information available. They have some reviews which in our opinion are fake. On the home page, they also advertise they allow you to pay in installments but this is not true. Check out our full honest and unbiased review below.

Services Provided

Unfortunately, they do not have a section dedicated to the services list. We could find out about the types of papers they offer by using the drop down menu of their calculator. These services include Dissertations on a chapter by chapter basis, essays, copywriting, business plans, Capstone projects, Annotated bibliography, articles, Assignments, research papers, lab reports, and book or movie reviews.

We consider the company has a dishonest advertising technique. They say that installment payment means that you should pay for the first page and then continue making payments only if you are satisfied with the results. This is not what paying in installments means. They also do not offer editing and proofreading services which are crucial for any type of academic paper.

Prices and Discounts

They do not display a list with the prices charged. The only way you can find out how much your paper will cost is by using the online calculator. We can tell you that writing services start at $17 per page for the lowest quality level. This means that for a 5-page essay written at high school level you should pay somewhere around $80. Also, you need to add to this cost the prices charged separately for editing and proofreading your paper. Typically, one such short essay will cost you well over $100 which is extremely expensive.

We consider that students living on a limited budget cannot afford to order their papers here. If they need higher quality services the prices can double or triple and then for a 5 page essay you need to pay around $200.

Papers Quality

We decided to order 1 academic paper from them, so that we can give you more information regarding the quality provided. We asked them to write one essay in Literature, and we gave them several resources and links that they should use. However, they sent us a paper that did not contain the mentioned references. The essay was also not professionally written, and editing was missing altogether. We paid a high price for a very low quality paper, so we are completely disappointed.

Customer Service and Support

On their website, they say customer service is available 24/7. However, when we contacted them early one morning to ask more questions, they were not picking up the phone. They do not have the instant messaging option and we could not find an email address where we could contact them. We consider customer service is not responsive, so students who need urgent help with their papers should avoid using this service.


Summing it up, this writing service has a very low rating. The company is not reliable in terms of quality provided or customer service availability. We also consider that they do not hire truly experienced writers to perform the tasks. They advertise PhD level writing, but it is performed by someone with high school degree. Our recommendation is that you keep researching in order to find a truly reliable and responsive company that can deliver academic papers according to your needs.

We understand that as a student you may struggle financially, and exactly this is why you should pick the right service from the first time. You cannot afford to lose precious time and money by working with such a low profile service for your important papers.

Overall Rating: 2.3 / 5 stars
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