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The site of has one characteristic we instantly disliked – the organization. It’s a really messy design, something that can overwhelm everyone who visits. Reviewing the website was really hard because their design isn’t the only thing that’s messy – the information on it is disorganized, too.

But, after the review and our order, we’ve realized that this is a tiny issue compared to some other things we learned about the service. Read the details below.

Services Provided

The services’ list is only available at the calculator and the order page. It’s actually one of the few good things we learned about Grab My Essay. Their name might only include essays in it, but the service list is much bigger. They have everything from an essay to a dissertation, and even things like resumes and CVs.

To order such a variety, the company would have to have many writers and really strong guarantees. We believe that this is where things went wrong for them and it is why the reputation is so devastating.

Prices And Discounts

We thought that the prices will be really cheap here. When you find a company with a bad reputation like this one, they usually have low rates. They use them to attract more students to order.

But, the prices here are more average than they are low. The cheapest is $14.99 per page for high school students and from $25.99 per page for PhD students. This is considered average on this market, which brings high expectations in terms of quality.

There are some discounts, though. These make their prices much better. Their first-time discount can be accessed by using a code and gives customers a reduction of 15%. Furthermore, customers who are returning to the service get 5% to 15% lifelong discounts based on how much they’ve ordered in total.

Papers Quality

The prices made us set our expectations high. But, the reputation told us otherwise. This is why when we ordered from the service, we didn’t know what to expect.

What we sure didn’t expect was the low quality we received. And most importantly, we didn’t expect them to delay the paper delivery. In this case, not only the paper was not worth the prices they charge, but they actually did the worst they could do – send our paper later than they should have.

We received it a day later. There wasn’t any explanation or excuse accompanying the paper. To make things even worse, the paper wasn’t ready at all. They didn’t edit or proofread it, which resulted in a tremendous amount of silly and unnecessary mistakes. Some even showed us that the writer wasn’t really proficient in the English language, so it is safe to assume that he wasn’t a native speaker.

Because of all this and more, we decided to send our concerns to support.

Customer Service and Support

Grabmyessay is supposed to be working all the time, but do not let them trick you. We spent half an hour waiting for a response in the live chat from a real agent. We spoke to a bot whose answers weren’t properly automated and couldn’t find a way to speak to a real person.

So, we called them on the phone. They also have a phone contact option. At our first seven attempts that happened within a period of 12 hours, no one answered the phone. When we finally found someone to talk to, the agent ignored our complaints about the quality. Regarding the delay, he said that there probably was some problem with the system and that the writer uploaded the task in time. Still, we didn’t receive it on our profile or email a day after this, so it’s hard to believe that this was the case.


Companies like grabmyessay make more promises than they can keep. In this case, most of the promises were not delivered. They didn’t write a good paper for us, didn’t meet our deadline, and didn’t provide us with good support. For those rates, you can order from an actual reliable service!

Overall Rating: 1.7 / 5 stars
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