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Having a decent academic writing company to back you up is a blessing to have. Especially, in these days when there are thousands of scammers out there. It is quite a hectic challenge to distinguish the good ones from the bad. But, hey, we are here to help as always! Today, we would look into the website called MyEssayWriter.Net.

So, let the review begin!

Services Provided

The first thing we would look into is the services you can get from this particular website. The first thing that we noticed about the website is quite odd. As we were going through the contents of the website, we saw that they were constantly referring to them as UWriteMyEssay.Net. Even, you could see that in their title banner. In the beginning, we were questioning ourselves thinking whether we got to the actual website or not!

The fact that MyEssayWriter.Net didn’t change its website after the rebranding is just simply “unprofessional.”

As we were looking for the range of services on their website, we couldn’t find any. You could see a brief glance in their place order page but that’s it!

After a while, we were quite sure that they mainly help you with essays and PowerPoint presentation. If you are looking for something else, you will have to make a special request. The bottom line is that MyEssayWriter.Net doesn’t have much to offer to the students.

Prices and Discounts

Pricing is and always will be a crucial factor when it comes to writing service or any kind of service in that matter. The basic pricing at MyEssayWriter.Net starts from $20 which is a quite big number we must say. $20 price-tag for only 275 words is not quite affordable for a lot of people and the number goes up to $44. However, we could overlook that number as they serve only two levels of students Graduate and Post Graduate.

The only good thing that we have found so far about the service is that they offer a 10% discount for orders having more than 10 pages. That means you can only be eligible for discounts if you are spending $200 or more. Sadly, you can’t even have a first timer’s discount that a lot of big companies are offering these days.

Paper Quality

There is a proverb in the writing industry – content is king! You can look over all the negative sides of a service or a company if you are getting top-quality content, in this scenario – essays.

It may sound too harsh but the content quality from MyEssayWriter.Net is quite poor. Their writer lack depth of knowledge and skills. The essay that we ordered from them was not even formatted. Sadly, the writer wasn’t familiar with the APA or MLA citation formats! The content didn’t have the depth – it simply didn’t have enough useful information. It seemed like a person is writing the same two to three sentences over and over again without even clearing the basics.

The quality is utterly dissatisfactory!

Customer Service and Support

The only good thing that we have found about them is customer support options. You could directly call them, use the live chat, or place a formal inquiry. Their team is quite professional.

However, if you are not happy with the content like we did, you cannot ask for any refund. The customer service agents will try to talk you out of it and say that the content great and there is “nothing they can do!”


Overall, we are quite a skeptic about them as they are referring themselves to be UWriteMyEssay.Net while they are MyEssayWriter.Net. The writing quality is poor and pricing is also quite high. Considering all of these facts, we are not referring to their service to you. There are plenty of other great options that you should try.

Overall Rating: 2.2 / 5 stars
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