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For this PaperHelpWriting Review, we spent time and money to do an in-depth investigation of the services provided, prices charged, available discounts, paper quality and the customer service offered by PaperHelp writing service. Of course, before all these, we browsed around the website and though, the website looked professional, there were a lot of flaws in the design which disappointed us. We’ll address everything in this review.

Services Provided

Most professional writing services understand the importance of putting a direct link to their “Services” page on their top menu. This “Services” page contains a list of all the services they offer so that students can easily know what services they can and cannot order from them. We weren’t happy with the fact that this writing service did not list out the services they offer on their website in a place where customers can easily find it. Regardless, we finally found a very short list of the services they offer in their foot menu: custom writing, term paper, essay writing, case study, coursework help, dissertation and research paper.

Prices and Discounts

Students can get their papers from this writing service at very affordable prices as low as $10 for a high school essay. offers delivery with 8 hours and 1 to 14-day deadline for students based on the urgency of their paper. And this is a major determinant of the price students have to pay for their papers.

Students can also easily calculate the price of the service they need on any other page other than the home page. This is a good thing but we would have preferred that this writing service had a separate prices page where students can calculate the prices of services they want to pay for. This might seem like a small thing but it is necessary for user-friendly navigation on a writing service’s website.

As far as the discounts are concerned, we only found a 5% discount offer at the top of their website for a “Lucky customer”. We were disappointed to see that this writing service didn’t include discount offers for new customers and loyal customers on their website. We had to chat with customer support to get a discount code as a new customer and not many students would care enough to do that.

Papers Quality

Although this writing service claims to have a team of professional writers, we saw nothing professional in the mediocre college paper that was delivered to us 12 hours after our deadline had passed. According to, they only hire master degree-holding writers but the paper we received must have been written by a sophomore high school student. That’s the only excuse we could give ourselves for the low-quality paper we received. Although the paper was plagiarism-free, we still had to do a lot of rewriting to make it presentable and that was just not acceptable to our team.

Customer Service and Support

Students can contact this paper writing service via email, a US phone number or via live chat on the website. We first tried the live chat option but we didn’t get a reply, so we sent them an email and waited an entire day to get a reply. At this point, we were unhappy so we decided to try the live chat option again before making a phone call. We got a reply five hours later. We are very unsatisfied with the terrible response time of this writing service.


While reviewing this writing service, we looked through their websites, ordered a paper with a 7-day deadline which arrived late and was low-quality. This writing service overlooked many important things while designing its website, which affects the ease of use and navigation of the website. Their customer support was also slow to respond to our inquiries. Based on our experience, we do not see this writing service as one that students can rely on for their assignment help.

Overall Rating: 2.2 / 5 stars
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