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When looking for a writing company that can help you with your academic tasks, you may find Although they are not as popular as some of the well-known, they are still claiming to have offered their services to hundreds of thousands of students, which makes them a writing service that students will gravitate towards. Papernow doesn’t state exactly how long they have been on the market, and although they have a reviews section displayed on their website, we couldn’t determine just how credible this writing service is. In order to give you a more detailed insight into how they operate, we went through all the most important aspects to bring you our final verdict on this writing service.

Services Offered

When it comes to services, you’ll be eager to know that they have 100+ services listed on their website. They offer everything from academic papers to speech writing, and the list is quite extensive. We reached out their customer support, in order to avoid scrolling for 30 minutes, and they actually couldn’t offer one of the services at that time, because of the lack of writers. We specifically asked for speech writing, and as there was nobody available to tend to that task professionally, we were denied assistance. Although all of their services seem to be listed, and on first glance it is helpful, you would essentially have to double check to see if they can take on that task, because chances are they can’t.

Prices and Discounts

Prices are determined based on the type of paper, the number of pages, deadline and the academic level. These are the four basic criteria most companies use. There’s a chart that indicates how much the price per page would be according to the level and the deadline, with the cheapest price being $11.99 for an Essay with a 20-day deadline, which is quite expensive for such a deadline. Besides the standard pricing, we couldn’t find any discounts for either loyal customers or newcomers. This is quite a disadvantage, especially when you think of the higher prices that they initially charge you.

Papers Quality

For the purpose of this review, we decided to order a book report. It was a 5-page book report with a 10-day deadline. We got an immediate response, however, the rest of the communication was really bad. We wanted to talk to the writer to add several things into the book report, but we couldn’t get in touch with him/her. They always seemed too busy to answer our request. When the book report arrived, it was not only a day late, it was full of obvious errors in spelling. These errors could have been spotted by the writer if he had paid close attention. Also, there was information missing, the alignment varied from page to page, and overall it seemed very messy, and not something you should pay a lot for. When we read through it, we weren’t exactly sure that it was written by a professional writer, it seemed as if it was done by a student.

Customer Service and Support

As we had a chance to talk to customer support several times, we spoke to different representative each time. It seems that they don’t keep a record of previous conversations, because each time we had to start over and explain exactly what we needed. The conversation got cut off once, and we had to restart the entire conversation with someone new, which made us waste a lot of time. If you’re in a hurry, they definitely wouldn’t be the service for you.


Overall, Papernow has been quite a disappointing company, and definitely not a company that a student who wants high grades and academic success would turn to. They still have a lot to work on to establish trust with their customers and raise their quality to a level that’s going to be satisfactory.

Overall Rating: 2 / 5 stars
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