PapersOwl.Com Review has been online for a while, so you can find many comments about them on the Web. However, the comments on the Web compared to those published on the website of the service are much different. Most students who decided to leave feedback online say bad things about Papersowl, while the company only publishes good ones on their website.

This can be misleading and tricky, so we recommend reading this review before you proceed to order.

Services Provided

For a bidding company, Papers Owl offers a very limited list of paper choices. They have essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, homework, coursework, and editing services. To our big surprise, they lack dozens of important papers that are essential for most students, such as reports and reviews, not to mention some complex tasks like admission papers or theses.

But, you can probably ask for a paper you need even if it’s not on the list. The company didn’t bother to put more choices in the list, but they put the option ‘other’, so you can use that one to see if you’ll get bids on other paper types.

From what we learned online, the company constantly hires new talent and has a very big number of writers. But, based on what people say about them, their hiring process is neither thorough nor rigorous, so they end up working with hundreds of poorly skilled writers.

Prices And Discounts

Bidding companies don’t have prices until you place an order. Some might have a rule for the lowest bid, but this one doesn’t. So, we can’t let you know what your price will be. In fact, you won’t ever know this, even if you are a returning customer.

The good thing is that, with so many writers, you can wait a bit to get more bidders and choose a price you find most suitable. You’ll get all kinds of offers for prices and, judging by what people say about the cost here, most of them will be extremely low.

It sounds good, but it’s actually concerning. Most of the bidders responded to our order with quotes that went below $10 for a page. This is too low for writers who claim to have years of experience, are native speakers, and seemingly have a spotless rating with customers. This is why we weren’t very surprised to read the bad comments, though we did not expect things to go so bad when we ordered.

Papers Quality

We chose a bid that wasn’t among the lowest, but it was still very attractive. We didn’t have much choice. Out of 38 bids, 33 were below $10 for a page. We ordered a college paper, so this was definitely very strange.

The result of our order was devastating. A writer who was supposed to be a native US writer with a Master’s degree in English and seven years of experience decided to bid at $15 for a page. As unbelievable as this sounds, we decided to go with it and put our trust in the system of

We were very wrong to do so. The writer was definitely not native which means that most of those bad comments are realistic. The paper was so bad, it was hardly comprehensive. The attempt to write an English college paper resulted in over seventy mistakes in a three-page paper, which is around 800 words in length.

Imagine our frustration after receiving such content. Naturally, we instantly looked for a way to contact the company to complain about this.

Customer Service And Support

When we presented our case to the support, we were even more in shock by their rude answers. We were told that their writers are who they say they are and, if we wanted a better paper, we should have sent clearer requirements. We didn’t even get a revision on a paper that didn’t make any sense.

Summary is a bidding company with extremely low prices, but also the devastating quality of service and writers. Their writers’ profiles are unreliable, and so are their guarantees.

Overall Rating: 1.4 / 5 stars
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