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If you are a student you are most likely struggling with academic tasks. You do not have enough time or the skills to complete all your papers, so you will turn to professional help. We decided to review thoroughly so that you can have a clear idea of whether or not to hire them. We checked aspects such as the prices they charge, the quality of the papers provided, the availability and responsiveness of customer service and some other details.

Services Provided

At first glance they have an impressive list of services provided. In fact, we consider they offer just too many services instead of focusing or specializing on the most popular ones. Some of the services offered include: Coursework, Dissertations, Essay papers, book reports, Lab reports, Math tasks, movie reviews, cover letter writing, thesis statement writing and others. We consider they offer a chaotic list of services, and we do not think that they even have so many experts in so many fields. Also, they do not offer specialized solutions for each sub category such as:

  • Essay writing- offering persuasive essays, descriptive essays, informational essays, personal statement essays, etc.
  • Dissertations- offering writing on a chapter by chapter basis. Not all students need help with their entire dissertation.

We consider they offer an overwhelming list of services which is not properly categorized in a professional manner.

Prices and Discounts

The company offers different quality levels you can choose from. These include undergraduate, high school, college, Master or PhD level. We checked their prices list and we consider that they charge overly high prices. Not all students can afford to buy a paper here, given the expensive prices. For example, PhD level writing can cost up to $50 per page. Imagine if you need a Dissertation that is 50 pages long, you need to pay almost $2,500 for once single paper. We consider that they did not tailor the prices to suit the limited budget of a student.

Instead of offering some discounts, they offer a 10% off for your first order. However, you need to pay in full for your paper but 10% of the value will go towards your balance. The next orders bonus balances are only 5% of the total cost. They offer very poor discount options and they do not have any special deals available.

Papers Quality

Given the fact they offer so diverse services, we decided to order one movie review and one lab research paper. We gave the writers the instructions and told them the deadline is 2 days. They missed our deadline by almost one week so we were completely disappointed. The research paper did not contain any important statistics or scientific data of high relevance. The movie review was written in a very poor manner, with a description that anyone could write. We needed to pay quite an expensive price for a very bad quality service.

Customer Service and Support

When we review a writing company we always test the responsiveness of the customer service. We consider it highly important for students to be able to get in touch with representatives and get all the information they need. PayForEssay advertises a 24/7 customer service availability. However, when we called them on the phone it took a few tries until we could discuss with them. The problem is that they were not too friendly or professional. We can say they their customer service is somewhat responsive, but they are not helpful at all with giving you guidance or extra information.


In our opinion this company has a very poor rating. They clearly do not hire highly experienced writers with academic degrees. The papers are completed by mediocre writers, but you are requested to pay for PhD level writing. They do not offer any free samples that you can check before placing an order, and there is no free online calculator that you can use to see the exact price before placing an order. We do not recommend them especially if you are looking for good quality papers for your class.

Overall Rating: 2.3 / 5 stars
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