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For students, a big ad that says papers cost less than $10 per page is amazing. But, for us that have checked dozens of services that offer such low rates, it’s a red flag. A service that’s able to charge this little and still make money for their services usually has more flaws than advantages.

The reputation of confirmed our doubts. Their website looks attractive and promising, but the reputation is as low as the ones of other companies with this same pricing. Even though these rates can look really good, that’s definitely not enough to pay the writer needed to write a quality paper.

Services Provided

The only information about the services provided can be found on the pricing page. Here you’ll find four categories: writing from scratch, editing and proofreading, problem-solving, and multiple-choice questions. To see more, you’ll have to open the order form and select a product from their list. This list isn’t that big, but it does contain the most common papers ordered in all levels. Also, offers papers for every level and within really short deadlines.

Prices And Discounts

To our surprise, the prices are the same regardless of what paper you choose. All academic papers have the same price for a certain academic level. For example, essays and dissertations for Master’s level will both cost $19 for a page within 2 weeks. To be even more concerning, this is the longest deadline offered, even for dissertations that usually take much longer to be completed.

Those low prices belong to this deadline. If you order 2 weeks before the final deadline, you can pay less than $10 for a page for undergraduate level. The rest aren’t expensive at all, either. A bachelor’s paper is only $16 per page, which isn’t an offer you find in reputable companies.

With this kind of prices, you can’t really set your expectations high. Great writers won’t work for this little, not to mention for a service that also earns from the customer.

There aren’t discounts here. At this point, we didn’t know if this is an advantage or a disadvantage. It’s a disadvantage because you won’t get anything like a regular customer. But, it’s good because if there were discounts, the prices would obviously be too good to be true.

Not that these prices sound realistic, either.

Papers Quality

Based on the pricing, we expected very little from the company. And we got exactly what we thought we will get. This company might attract people with prices, but they are surely not keeping them on board with quality. Based on this, we don’t see anyone looking for a loyalty program or another paper from

There were three big things that were wrong with the quality of our paper. First, it had plagiarism. This is unacceptable and a student who’s caught stealing content is usually considered a fraud by professors. You can hardly get back from this kind of behavior. Secondly, the quality was really bad. The writer didn’t put much effort into the paper and, if he did, he’s not a really experienced writer. And finally, they didn’t edit it before sending it to us. So, we found an exact number of 76 mistakes in a 4-page paper.

Customer Service and Support

We spoke to two agents about this issue. The first asked ten questions and gave us no answer or explanation. After over 20 minutes of discussing the problems with the paper, he said he’d redirect us to a different agent.

This agent knew nothing about the issue, so we had to go through the same thing again. He then said that they’ve decided that we aren’t entitled to a revision. This was really unfair and frustrating.


Starting with the bad pricing organization and ending with terrible support, this company disappointed us from start to finish. Their prices are really attractive, but the quality is below average.

Overall Rating: 1.6 / 5 stars
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