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Takeawayessay.com looks very promising, but you can hardly tell when they appeared on the academic writing market. The ‘about us’ page lists the year of 2008 as the starting point of the service, but looking for reviews led us only a few years back. For services that have written papers for over a decade, there can’t possibly be such a limited amount of feedback from customers. This brought up some doubts about the claims the service makes, which basically put all of their statements in question.

To answer the question about when the service began and how well they perform, we did our research on their services, reputation, rates, support, and quality. For the results, go through our takeawayessay.com review below.

Services Offered

Apparently, this company doesn’t simply offer services in the form of papers – they offer grades. This is very intriguing up until the point where you learn that they don’t guarantee the grade you select and pay for. Basically, if you want the best quality, you should choose to get, let’s say, a distinction college paper instead of a pass college paper. But, if you don’t get the best grade, they won’t refund you.

Regardless, we decided to let this slide because, after all, other companies let you choose between three quality types, such as standard, premium or platinum. This is simply another way to put it, even though it is a very frustrating one.

In terms of the actual papers they offer, we were quite satisfied with the findings. Takeawayessay.com has multiple categories with varied papers in them, and for every student level, you could think for. If it weren’t for the little issue with the grades being offered as an option, this list would be a really great one.

Prices And Discounts

The prices of takeawayessay.com aren’t all that cheap, but they are considerably priced. Interestingly, the price list does not include the grade criteria. Instead, the service sets prices based on three entirely unique categories: A-level, undergraduate and master’s.

Now, this makes the site even more confusing for visitors because, according to the service list, they also serve dissertations for PhD level. And since master’s level is the highest with a given quote, what’s the quote for PhD papers, really?

Before we go into this, it is important to point out that the prices begin at $15 for a page for a 14-day deadline. This sounds fair and competitive if the quality is as great as promised. However, you should keep in mind that there’s a somewhat hidden fee in all this since taxes aren’t included in the rates and will be added when you try to place the order.

Discounts do not exist on the website and from what the agent told us, they aren’t applicable to orders unless you find a special offer on the site. But, when we went through the limited number of comments by those who’ve used the company, we found no mention of such an offer – ever.

Papers Quality

Unfortunately, the paper quality wasn’t good, which was the most disappointing part of the service. You do get a chance to order everything, including a PhD paper, which was something we discussed with the support agent. However, our paper wasn’t delivered when we agreed and the quality was way below the expected. It had many errors and definitely did not match the highest quality offered, especially not since we paid a higher price than the ones on the pricing table (since we ordered a PhD level assignment).

Customer Service And Support

If you have questions about the services or the rates, you can call or write to the support service. You’ll probably have many questions seeing how limited the site is in terms of key information. We spoke to them on several occasions. Despite the bad paper quality, the support was quite reliable and professional.

However, keep in mind that the support doesn’t answer very fast and does not have the habit of refunding customers when something goes bad. In fact, we haven’t read of a single case where a customer got a refund or a discount because of a bad experience.



To summarize, takeawayessay.com has some fine features like the service list and the reliable support agents. But, their quality is average and there are no discounts to reduce the rates, not to mention that we found many false statements on the website.

Overall Rating: 2.1 / 5 stars
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