TrustMyPaper.Com Review review says that they sell 36,000 essays every year. This would make it one of the top services students order from. But, they are not really as popular as they should be if this were true.

This was the first sign that something is wrong with the information on the website. We also had troubles with their number of writers that apparently, exceeds 2000. For this exaggerated number, the number of essays they sell is pretty low. Also, we have never heard of a highly rated writing company that successfully manages not hundreds, but thousands of different writers.

They are all said to possess amazing qualifications. But, the reputation speaks otherwise. That’s why we did our review.

Services Provided

There are plenty of service types that include: academic paper writing, rewriting, proofreading, editing, math/ statistics/ economics problems, copywriting, admission services, dissertation services, resume and CV services, and multiple-choice questions.

As you noticed, this isn’t just an academic service. When you include a resume and CV services in your list, you’re also a professional writing service. To be able to succeed in both, the company must have two separate teams of diverse writers. Perhaps it’s the size of the service list that’s the reason for the company failing most of its customers.

Prices And Discounts

Trustmypaper is exceptionally cheap. For a service that’s so popular and has so many writers, they have really incredible prices. We cannot understand how they managed to find thousands of writers who are willing to work at a quote of $12.99 per page. Also, let’s not forget that the company earns a big piece of these rates, too.

Even doctoral studies papers cost very little when compared to other services. The minimal rate for a doctoral level student is $21.99 per page.

There was an even bigger surprise than this. On top of these prices that are too good to be true, they also have discounts. There’s a 5% discount for those who spend $399 or order 15 pages of content. Those who spend over $599 in total or order over 50 pages get 10% on all future orders. Finally, spending of over $799 or over 100 pages ordered give you a 15% discount on all future orders. This is the popular loyalty program most companies share, but we sure did not expect it here.

Finally, we learned about their first-time discount. Yes, they have this too, and it’s the biggest one so far. New customers don’t just get those great rates, but they can reduce it by 17%. When you calculate this, the cost is almost nothing. After learning this, we hardly had any hopes of receiving the quality they so proudly promised.

Papers Quality

At this point, we didn’t expect much. And, we got exactly that. The paper came when we ordered it, but that was the only thing that was good about it. It was a hundred words shorter and we paid for more. This was the first issue. It had over forty percent of plagiarism. That’s unacceptable, but it also happened. Finally, it was written in such a bad language and had so many mistakes in it, we don’t see anyone being able to edit the piece of work they sent to us.

Customer Service and Support

When we finally found a way to speak to an agent, we sent a full list of complaints. This was hard because the live chat has a bot on it, so reaching out to an actual person was impossible with this option. We had to use the phone number, which is not toll-free for everyone.

We told them about the plagiarism, length of the essay, and the terrible quality. They didn’t do anything about it, not even an apology.


For such terrible quality, there’s no price that you should be paying. Trustmypaper obviously tries to attract customers with fake information on the site and the great rates, but their reputation is as accurate as it gets. This is not a good service.

Overall Rating: 1.4 / 5 stars
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