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usessaywriters home page review

USEssaywriters has a professional looking website. However, besides the graphical components, we are more interested in the quality of the services provided. This is why we have decided to thoroughly review and test this company. We will disclose to you details such as the prices charged, the quality of the papers they offer, and even customer service details. We have invested quality time and efforts into reviewing usessaywriters in order to provide you with the best possible guidance.

Services Provided

We were quite surprised to see that on the home page they do not have a separate section dedicated to the services provided. Instead, we had to scroll to the bottom of the page and there we could have access to some of the services they offer. These include original essays, custom essays, IB extended essays, cheap essays, nursing essays or essay proofreading. As you can easily note they offer exclusively essay writing, and they do not offer other related useful papers such as Dissertations, Thesis papers, lab reports, research papers or term papers.

We consider that students need to have access to a full range of writing services. Students need not only essays but also may other types of academic papers.

Prices and Discounts

We absolutely did not like the fact that they do not display all their prices. Instead, they only mention that prices start from a certain amount. For example, we can tell you that writing starts from $17.55 per page, editing starts from $11.70 per page while proofreading from $9.96 per page. Normally, they should display all their prices for different urgency levels and quality levels. Students need to know exactly how much they will pay for their paper even before placing an order. In fact all the top reputable writing service companies have on their homepage a free price calculator. Anyone can use these calculators to check exactly how much a certain type of essay would cost or how much is the price for one Dissertation chapter.

Regarding discounts they only advertise that they offer 15% off, if you will subscribe using your email. We don’t know if they offer 15% discount on all first time orders or on an ongoing basis.

Papers Quality

We decided to place an order so that we can tell you all the necessary details about the quality provided. On their home page they guarantee you that the paper will be written by Top 2% writers who are the most outstanding experts in their fields. We asked them to complete an essay in Nursing. We gave the writers all the important instructions and also the references that must be included. Firstly, they missed our deadline by 4 days, and secondly we received a very bad quality essay.

The paper was filled with mistakes and it did not contain any creative language. We have to mention that they charged separately for editing, but our paper was not edited professionally. We are completely disappointed with the quality provided.

Customer Service and Support

There is a toll free phone number available on the home page and we tried to get in contact with them. Nobody answered the phone, even though we tried several times. We consider this totally unacceptable because when students need help with their academic papers, they will need assistance very fast. They do not have an instant chat option, but they have 3 different email addresses that you can use to get in touch with them. We can tell you that we received an answer after almost one week.


After thoroughly reviewing this company, we can clearly say we do not recommend their services to students. They only advertise big things and promise you the best quality papers but they fail to deliver on all possible levels. The prices charged are quite expensive, and they make you pay for editing services but nobody will edit your paper professionally. In our opinion it is best to avoid working with this company and look for a service that truly offers good quality at affordable prices.

Overall Rating: 2.2 / 5 stars
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