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Wiseessays.com is most likely a new company. Why? Because from all the testimonials we found about this company, none was dated over a few years ago. But, since the years of working aren’t really an indicator of the quality of a writing company, we still had to check their services, prices, support and quality of content to come up with a real picture of what wiseessays is like.

Services Provided

All the services provided by Wise Essays are part of one of their five categories named: academic writing, assignments, dissertation services, admission services, and editing services. Under these categories, you can find everything that comes to mind when you think of academic papers. There are different essay types, projects like presentations and speeches, lab and book reports, dissertations, and admission essays and papers. On top of all that, their writers offer to edit an existing paper you have written and polish it before you submit it.

It’s a lengthy and satisfactory list, which is a good start for our research.

Prices And Discounts

There’s a confusing pricelist in the Prices page. It says that essays all come at the same cost, as well as lists rates for different services and papers. But, even though it lists one rate only, that’s just the rate that applies to the longest deadline. Basically, the given rate is the cheapest you can pay for that paper type, discount included.

If you want to see the real price that applies to your requirements, you need to open the order form. There you will find a calculator that will tell you how much the paper will cost. Thankfully, the company isn’t high-priced at all, which makes it attractive. But, seeing how we paid only $11.96 for an essay page and a 10-day deadline, it is easy to get worried about this type of pricing.

Such low prices are a clear indication that something might be wrong. We call them the ‘red flags of writing services’. Even so, we can’t be certain of this unless we check how that price turns out in the form of a paper, which is why we placed our order.

The rates are so low thanks to the big discounts. The base is still low-priced, but a new discount of 20% makes it far more attractive. An even bigger surprise was their second discount of 25% off, something that we’ve never seen in other companies. It’s the biggest discount offered in general, not to mention that most companies don’t really have a special second-order offer.

The discounted rates don’t stop after the second offer. When you have ordered 20 pages, which you probably will have after the second discount, you get a lifelong discount of 5%, then 10%, and finally 15%. This makes Wiseessays.com one of the lowest-priced companies not only for new customers but in the long run, too.

Unfortunately, this red flag was so obvious, we weren’t even surprised by the results we’ll discuss now.

Papers Quality

The quality of our order was unimaginably bad. It came at such a low rate, we set our expectations low. But, an essay that’s half plagiarized and half filled with mistakes is something no company should ever deliver. It was bad beyond repair and, since their support is no good either, no one really fixed it.

Customer Service And Support

Wise Essays has non-stop support, but their agents are barely fluent in English. They couldn’t understand us and couldn’t communicate clearly, so after hours and several attempts at an understandable discussion, we gave up.


Low prices always tell us that something is bad about a company. Even though our review started well when we checked the services offered, the red flag we saw when we checked their prices turned out to be a good assumption. The paper quality at Wiseessays is so disappointing, you can’t benefit at all from spending your money on their website.

Overall Rating: 2.6 / 5 stars
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