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Write My Essay claims to offer professionally written college essays and custom papers quickly and efficiently. The brand’s website is simple and to-the-point, and at a time when students are busier than ever and regularly need to seek out help with proofreading and custom essay writing online, many might consider the services of writemyessay.com.

But is this company really worth it? We took a closer look at various individual factors like prices, paper quality, and customer service to find out more and give you an honest assessment and review of Write My Essay.

Services Provided

It’s interesting to see just how simple the Write My Essay website is. While most custom writing sites feature buttons and pages dedicated to listing out the various services provided, Write My Essay is very basic and threadbare right from the homepage. The only option you have to find out more is click ‘Order A Custom Essay’, and this is where we found out more about the services offered by this company.

There, we see that writemyessay.com offers various kinds of document writing services including college essays, term papers, peer-reviewed journals, case studies, corporate documents, applications, research papers, dissertations, and more. At first, the list of services provided seems impressive, but it also shows how Write My Essay claims to offer lots of different options but isn’t able to match up to the buyer’s expectations in terms of true quality.

Prices and Discounts

When compared to other custom writing companies and services, writemyessay.com charges very high prices for its services. Costs can range from $19.95 per page for 5-day or later deadlines all the way up to a whopping $89.95 per page for essays that need to be delivered on the same day.

The prices here just aren’t competitive. In fact, they’re almost extortionate in many cases and the prices for short-term deadline papers with Writemyessay.com are exceptionally high. What’s more, this company does offer a box for coupon codes and discounts, but very rarely actually offers any kinds of discounts or deals to its users.

Papers Quality

The quality of the papers is the thing that matters the most to students seeking professional writing services online, and this is another area in which Write My Essay sadly disappoints. We took the time to place an order for an essay to give you our honest review of Writemyessay.com’s paper quality. The site claims that it only works with professional US writers with degrees from accredited US colleges.

We requested a history essay, providing detailed instructions and references that needed to be a part of the essay. We requested that the essay be delivered within 3 days. The paper was late, arriving 4 days after the order was placed. Not only that, but the quality was very disappointing. There was a clear lack of understanding shown on the part of the writer, and even some basic spelling and grammar errors were still present in the text. We were very disappointed.

Customer Service and Support

Write My Essay claims to offer 24/7/365 customer support to its users via a phone number listed on the home page. They also offer an email support service, and a writer communication board, claiming that customers can speak with their writers at any time.

In reality, however, the writers are rarely online on this system and you actually have to pay an extra $5.45 for ‘Priority Support’ if you want anyone to respond to your emails and tickets within half an hour. Again, this is very disappointing.


We took the time to thoroughly review Writemyessay.com and placed an order ourselves to get a fair assessment of how this company operates. Clearly, we can’t recommend these services. The quality of the paper was poor, especially given the high price that writemyessay.com charges per page and the customer support was also very weak. Writemyessay.com lures students in with a long list of proposed services but seems incapable of actually meeting expectations when it comes time to deliver.

Overall Rating: 2.1 / 5 stars
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