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There are myriad of writing companies looking to cash in on a load of students from all academic levels. Most known writing companies will provide a variety of services at reasonable prices, excellent customer support, and high-quality work. This is what is required by the students when they are looking to lighten their load.

However, not all companies manage to provide those kinds of services. Unfortunately, writemyessay4me.org is one such company that fails miserably to provide anything more than the bare minimum.

Services Provided

The first thing a student checks is whether or not a writing company provides the services that he/she needs. In the case of writemyessay4me, usually, it won’t. The only service in terms of academic writing that they offer is essay writing. Other than that, they provide proofreading services and help in creating a powerpoint presentation.

And that is all! There is not even an option to choose the subject or specify exactly what kind of work is needed. All of the services are catered to students only. There is no writing service mentioned for businesses. Compared to other writing companies, writemyessay4me.org falls way below average in this department.

Prices and Discounts

For most students, the decisions are made based on the prices and discounts offered by the writing services. The price of a single page is marked according to the academic levels and deadlines. Here, the minimum price of a single page for a high school student is marked at $15 for 10+ days. That means if you require a basic high school paper that contains 5 pages, you should be ready to dole out $75 and wait for 10 days or more to get your essay.

The maximum price is for university-level writing, which is marked at $48 per page for 6 hours. This is quite pricey and way above the industry average. Furthermore, there are no discounts or loyalty programs on offer that could dilute the price even a little bit.

Paper Quality

Regardless of the number of services that writing companies offer (or the lack thereof), quality is always the number one criterion for judging whether the service is worth taking.

The writemyessay4me website claims to have professional writers who are English native speakers. But, this is a contentious point. The samples that they provide on their websites are littered with minor mistakes that make it a task to read through them. For instance, there is a lack of proper punctuation in compound sentences, misuse of articles, dubious use of phrases and words, faulty sentence structures, etc. It’s safe to say, this company is not your best bet if you’re looking for high-quality work.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service is available 24/7 and customers can get in touch with them through live chat as claimed by their website. On closer inspection, even this turned out to be faulty. Many writemyessay4me reviews concede that the live chat service is not fast at all and one has to wait a long while before getting a response. A phone number and an email address are provided that do little to make things any better for them.


All in all, it is not advisable for students to avail services from writemyessay4me.org. For starters, the services that they offer are paltry at best and do not cover the different academic needs of students. The quality of work is below par, which is fraught with errors and simple mistakes. For a very high price, this is not a good deal by any stretch of the imagination.
Moreover, there are no discounts to speak of so it is best to let that be. Lastly, their customer service is meager and will leave you hanging. The overall impression one gets from writemyessay4me is that of amateurism. Students must be wary of such companies that have a very bold front but offer services that are worth not a dime.

Overall Rating: 1.4 / 5 stars
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