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Writemyessayonline.com takes pride in itself as a custom writing company for students. They claim to take care of students’ academic needs such as paper writing, coursework, and other assignments.

Firstly, a visit to the homepage of the website will make you want to make an order for a paper instantly. One of the first things you want to do on a first visit is to check the site testimonials and customer ratings. In this case, 38,453 customers had rated the company an average quality score of 9.57 from a possible 10. They claim to offer a money-back guarantee, confidentiality, and security.

However, experience has always thought us that many of the things you find on most landing pages are mere face-saving PRs. So, we went ahead to investigate the quality of service offered by placing an order.

Services Provided

Among the services provided by WriteMyEssayOnline are:

  • Academic essays
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Article or movie reviews
  • Business plan
  • Case study
  • Coursework
  • Critical writing
  • Creative writing
  • Presentation paper
  • Research paper
  • Research proposal
  • Term paper
  • Dissertation chapter or thesis.

This exhaustive list is available in a dropdown to users on the site when they use the integrated price calculator.

Prices and Discounts

We’ll be blunt about this. Writemyessayonline.com doesn’t give discounts and there’s no price chart anywhere from which you can have an idea of what your paper will cost. WriteMyEssayOnline runs a bidding system and the writers are responsible for the setting of the price. However, judging by our own experience, despite being a below-par custom writing website, the only real advantage you could get from WriteMyEssayOnline is that their prices are relatively affordable and competitive. You wouldn’t get an 8-page term paper for less than $100 anywhere. But we got that on this site.

It’s even possible to re-negotiate the price with the writer. However, there’s a roadblock when it comes to communication with writers on the website as they are not responsive. So, to begin with, it’s not a site you should consider when you’re close to the deadline.

Papers Quality

Without mincing words, the quality of papers from WriteMyEssayOnline is just so terrible. We’ve come to this resolution based on our personal experience with the website and other WriteMyEssayOnline reviews we found on the internet.

All we wanted was the writer to deliver a term paper on the Franchising Business Model in 72 hours. We wouldn’t have been so irked if the paper delivered after 92 hours was of high quality. By just seeing the first page of the paper, one would realize the quackery of the writer. It contained grammatical errors and looked like the handiwork of a non-native English speaker. We also found out that the content was just a spin-work of The Theory of Franchising found on SSRN.

On realizing this, we decided not to ask for a revision but wanted our money back (since the site says it offers money-back guarantee).

Customer Service and Support

Hours passed, days passed, weeks passed and it doesn’t even look like WriteMyEssayOnline will consider or respond to our request for the customer service to initiate the money-back guarantee. We later found out that the support system will only help you out if you are experiencing technical difficulty on the site.

Unfortunately, they will not come in if the relationship between you and the writer goes sour. They stated this clearly on the Contact Us page, saying you should speak to the writer for questions which relate to contents of the paper. So, with this, you’d know outrightly that the money-back claim on the site is just a scam.


The price may be the luring factor at WriteMyEssayOnline but there are still many factors you need to consider. The customer service is nothing to write home about, and the quality of the paper you get on the site is zero!
Based on the adduced points, we will not recommend WriteMyEssayOnline to anyone looking to have a high-quality writing assignment done. We suggest you keep searching for a more trustworthy site and not settle for lowly-priced but low-quality services.

Overall Rating: 1.8 / 5 stars
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