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As a student, you may need some help with your essays, lab reports or other academic projects. However, the market is filled with very poor quality services, so you should be able to avoid using them. Check our unbiased and detailed review on writemyessays.net and see if you can trust this service or not.

Services Provided

On their website, they do not even have a list of the services provided. Instead, they only enumerate some random SEO phrases such as Write my research paper. Write my term paper, write my dissertation or write my Capstone project. The name of the company suggests they offer essays, but they do not even mention providing any types of essays. We consider their entire website is only a bait and they do not provide any genuine services at all.

Do not let yourself fooled by such writing services. They are probably looking to take your money and then send you some very poor quality, plagiarized and copied papers.

Prices and Discounts

There is an online price calculator available. We tried to use it and it does not work. We could not find out the price for one paper such as a 5-page long essay in History. Then, we checked their Price section. We were completely amazed by the highly expensive prices they charge, Students cannot afford to pay such high prices for their academic papers. For example, one page of Admission Help costs $134 for a deadline of 3 hours.

Firstly, who can write a top-quality admission help paper within 3 hours only? We consider that no skilled writer can complete such a complex paper within such a short timeframe. Then, if you need 3 pages you will have to pat almost $400. Again, the prices are simply outrageous. Some other price examples include:

  • $115/page for 6 hours deadline Admission Help writing
  • $87/page for 12 hours deadline admission help papers
  • $59/page for professional problem solving

This company does not offer any discounts at all. Even if you order Admission Help writing with a value of $1,000 you will still not receive even 5% discount.

Papers Quality

We wanted to check the equality of the papers offered, so we ordered one Admission Help essay. The essay was 2 pages long, and they missed our deadline by 1 week. Then, the paper contained at least 75% plagiarized content and some horrible grammatical mistakes. Clearly, our paper was not written by someone with a degree in any field. Our paper was probably written by a 5th grader.

For this abominable quality paper, we had to pay around $230. For 2 pages of very poor quality content, we consider this almost an illegal thing.

Customer Service and Support

On the main website, they state that customer service is available on a 24/7 basis. Well, there is no phone number available and they also do not have any instant chat option. We finally found an email address and tried to contact the experts there. We did not receive an answer even after 3 days. Then, we contacted them again with some questions, and they told us we should consult the website for more information. Really? We were trying to get more information on the background of the writers.

There is no such information available on their website. We consider their customer service is below anything you can imagine. If you want to talk to some representative, you will not get lucky here!


In our opinion, WriteMyEssays.Net is a scam service. They charge very high prices for the quality that is clearly plagiarized and full of mistakes. We do not recommend to anyone their services. We tested all the aspects very carefully and we even paid for a paper that ended up in the garbage. If you do not want to go through the same process, simply stay away from this writing company.
There are so many high quality and trustworthy services out there. You just need to invest some quality time into research and you will find the best solution. Unfortunately, this company is the worst of all points of view.

Overall Rating: 1.6 / 5 stars
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