WriteMyPapers.Org Review

writemypapers.org review

Writemypapers.org does exist since 2010. We found reviews that date that long, so that’s accurate. But, saying that they are the number one service since 2010 is the most inaccurate information we’ve come across so far. Not only is this service not the first choice online, but it’s actually not a popular service at all. We learned this from reviews we read.

On the website, all reviews are great. But, the story outside of it is the opposite. People often complain about the quality, honesty, and even punctuality of the company. These were our main concerns, which is why we started this writemypapers.org review.

Services Provided

The choices for ordering at writemypapers.org aren’t really diverse. The list isn’t bad at all, but we don’t consider it to be extensive. Still, it has most of the important papers like essays and research papers, as well as dissertations and theses. This might even be a better approach for a smaller company since they usually work with a limited number of writers.

But, in this case, the company mentions over 1700 writers. This number is not small at all, so we are a bit curious about why their list of services is so limited.

Prices And Discounts

Writemypapers is cheap, which is unlikely for a service that’s supposed to be the number one among students. It has prices of $11.99 for a page. None of the high-rated companies in our reviews have such low prices. It is simply not doable – to be able to pay highly qualified, native writers with such quotes and still earn money for the company.

This is probably why the quality suffers. They can’t really hire 1700 amazing writers and deliver hundreds of thousands of essays every year at these kinds of prices. One of the two has to suffer – the quality or cheap rates.

If the prices were a bit higher, perhaps for the higher levels, we’d still have our hopes up about the service. But, even doctoral studies students pay as little as $19 for a page for dissertations, which is once again, extremely low.

On top of this, there are discounts too. These are rather hard to reach – 5% off after you spend $500 here and 10% off after you spend $1000. It’s still an unexpected offer, but with the rates they have, you need to order quite a lot to get there.

Papers Quality

As we feared, the quality suffers because of the prices. The prices are too low to provide good quality. In our case, the price didn’t even provide us with originality. Most of the content in the research paper was plagiarized. It was copied to that extent that we knew the exact source the writer used when doing research.

This was one of the problems with the content. We paid a low price for it, so we didn’t expect perfect content. But, we expected one without mistakes. Our paper wasn’t edited or proofread at all, not even the basics. That and the plagiarism in it made it impossible for us to fix it or use it.

Customer Service and Support

The support has plenty of options, perhaps the most we’ve seen. You can call them on the phone, on Skype, use the live chat, e-mail, Messenger, etc.

Even so, the support is not effective at all. We told them about our problems, but no one helped us. One agent decided to stop replying, so we used the phone. That agent told us that the paper looks fine to him, his scanner shows no plagiarism, and we aren’t entitled to anything.

Basically, the guarantees aren’t valid. Don’t expect anything from the support.


With incompetent support, guarantees that aren’t real, and false promises, writemypapers.org isn’t a good choice for you. They have bad writers that don’t deliver original content and their statements of being the greatest service out there are definitely false.

Overall Rating: 1.7 / 5 stars
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